Coming to life!

Work is well underway on our mural billboards.

Our artist, Michael Gaudet, went through one or two iterations of the overall concept. And with a thematic and artistic vision locked, he’s hard at work on the first billboard.

Michael’s choice was to create a canvas that is half the size of the final product. When complete, we’ll use a large-format camera to capture his art digitally, and that will become the basis for the billboards.

More updates to follow! And find more photos on Michael’s blog.

Welcome to SGEU’s Mural Project

We have billboard space all around our province and we need an artist to help fulfill our vision. We want to use that space to celebrate all that is Saskatchewan, through your eyes and your art — the people, the spirit of community, the help we offer to our neighbours. We want to highlight the role our SGEU members play in delivering the services Saskatchewan families count on every day. We are seeking submissions from artists across Saskatchewan. The idea is to create a mural that will find a home on our billboards — your artwork should speak to your vision of all that makes Saskatchewan a great place to live, work and raise a family. That vision will also incorporate the public services SGEU members deliver every day (please read the requirements at right). We will work with the selected artist(s) to define the services that should be represented within the mural. Please submit a brief written description of your vision — of how you would visually represent our wonderful province in a billboard mural that is approximately 40 feet wide by 10 feet high. It’s a huge and lasting canvas and we want your ideas about how you’d best use the opportunity!

This is commissioned work

We are looking for two murals. These murals may be provided by a single artist, or by two artists. The work will be commissioned with the artists receiving $10,000 for each of the selected murals. Entries will be judged by a committee of people representing SGEU and the arts and culture community. Successful artists will have approximately five weeks to deliver their mural artwork, with delivery scheduled for mid-spring. Please also remember that this is digital artwork — it will be scaled up from your working environment to its ultimate size of 40’X10′.

Get started now

SGEUlogo Simply use the “click here to submit” button to access our entry form. A brief written description of your vision (not necessarily a description of the artwork itself) is required; you must also submit samples of your previous work to supplement your submission — you may do this either by including links in your written submission or by uploading artwork via our submission tool. Please do NOT provide spec creative.


Please contact Kathryn Engel by email.

Submitting your idea

We have the billboard ‘bookends’… and you’ll create the rest. Imagine at one end of the 40′ billboard is a photo of a social services worker… at the other, a photo of a highways worker. The words on the billboard will say: From protecting kids… to repairing roads. We have you covered.

The mural will be comprised of your vision of Saskatchewan, while integrating other crucial services that keep our province strong — our provincial parks, forest fire fighters, public safety, among others. And remember — you aren’t having to work with a real 40′ space, but rather in the correct proportions. Then we digitize and scale it up.

Our judges will be looking to see how your project vision integrates these services into compelling artwork — above all, they’ll be looking to see how your vision represents all that we love about our province. You must also include past artwork in your submission, either by including links in your written submission or by uploading files via our submission tool.

Terms and conditions

  1. When submitting, please do NOT include speculative artwork.
  2. Any past art examples submitted remain the sole property of the artist.
  3. Any sample art submitted must be your own.
  4. Two murals will be commissioned — the judges may award these commissions to an individual or different artists.
  5. The commissioned artist(s) will be paid the sum of $10,000 for each piece of final artwork required by the commission.
  6. The commissioned and completed artwork will belong to the SGEU.
  7. The SGEU may use this artwork for the billboard murals; the billboards featuring the commissioned artwork may be placed in multiple locations throughout Saskatchewan.
  8. Additionally, SGEU may use the commissioned artwork for various internal and external uses, at its discretion. This use covers advertising, online usage, promotional materials, point-of-interest locations, and any other applicable uses.
  9. The commission fee is final; no royalties will apply.